Atlantis Through the Years

Atlantis was started by Bill and Connie Heyman, both life long educators and residents of Terre Haute. As an elementary school teacher, with a love of nature, Bill also enjoyed the stimulating hobby of keeping and breeding tropical fish and cichlids.  Also an avid scuba diver, collector and photographer of marine fish, Bill left the public schools in the mid 1970's, to pursue the small business dream.  The business was built around the goal of bringing kids closer to the natural world, building on the certainty that with proper instruction, everyone can learn good animal care practices. Bill and Connie created this store with the conviction that each animal we keep brings us closer to learning how to preserve wild habitats, so that in the end the animals in our care become ambassadors to their brothers in the wild.  

Bill has hand picked the Atlantis staff who all share his excitement about plants and animals.  They sincerely look forward to spending time with your family, explaining the displays and the products, ensuring that your visit becomes a rewarding and memorable experience.  

When you visit Atlantis, you will find many live aquarium displays and exotic animals, which have been "re-homed" but are not for sale. Please don't be in a rush, as your kids (and you) may want to feed the koi pond, or one of the reptile displays to enhance your visit. We believe the animals enjoy seeing you as much as your family enjoys seeing them.

We welcome group tours, and will gladly provide a guide when availble.  If your group is larger than a dozen people, please let us know in advance.  We are not making reservations, and can't always promise a dedicated guide, but your group is absolutely welcome during normal store hours.  There is no charge for this service.

When you come in with your family, or with your date, or just on your own, you will be greeted by our friendly staff and then left to walk around the different areas of the store to enjoy the displays. If you are shopping for supplies, you will find a huge selection of aquarium and pond products with prices comparable to the internet. 

The trained and experienced staff is ready to help you start your first aquarium or pond.  If you are already a hobbyist, we are happy to just answer questions and kick around the ideas you may have.  We hope you can stop in to experience our dream in person. If you can, let us help you bring a piece of the natural world into your home.

Please click the "family fun" tab above, and from there, click the links to see a few pictures and read a bit about the animals on display. This web site, is a somewhat limited, "work in progress", so please stop in to enjoy the full experience of ATLANTIS!