Sissy the Mountain Lion

This is where you can learn about "Sissy" the cougar who had warmed hearts at Atlantis for years.  All good things must come to an end, and Sissy is no longer with us. Please read this description we gave, when she was here, to get a better feel for who she was and why we will always treasure the time we had with her. :

"Visit Sissy the mountain lion.  Sissy resides in an enclosure which should allow you to see her on almost any day.  She can be a bit reclusive, and you might arrive at a time when she is snoozing.  Like all cats, she sleeps on her own schedule, not nececarrily ours.  Most of the time she is awake and ready to visit her fan club.  If you are lucky, she will jump up near you on her window ledge, and you will gaze into her beautiful golden eyes.  You will carry her mesmerizing gaze with you for the rest of your life.  Your kids will as well.  We hope they will carry her inspiration with them, as they grow in their own fascination about the natural world.  She can be seen either in her temperature controlled indoor room, or in her outside pen.  MEOW!!"

Sorry if this is a bit confusing, but that is the way we described Sissy when she was here. Unfortunately on September 12, 2016, our Veterinarian tranquilized her to perform routine blood tests.  For reasons we don't understand she didn't wake up as she should have.  Her time with us had come to an end.  This was a very difficult thing to accept.  The staff had come to know her as if she was their own. Several of the guys enjoyed giving her nightly ear rubs as she dozed off to sleep. Anyway her blood tests were good and we will never know why she left us at the young age of nine.  We are keeping this page up to share photos and memories of her, and we thank everyone for your kindness and understanding.