Family Fun

Be sure to take some time with your family, and visit with the numerous animals who make Atlantis their home.   For many years we have "taken in" unusual critters who find themselves in need of a home.  Although we don't adopt every animal that needs a new home, we often help find homes for them, and occasionally as space allows, we add a new unusual "critter" or two, to our collection.  As you browse the photos you will see some of the beautiful Macaws and other birds who live here.  On your visit, if you are lucky, you may find the birds in a talking mood, which will bring a big smile to every face.

You will also enjoy feeding the giant indoor koi pond, and you will get a big kick out of watching the reptile displays, especially when they are feeding. If you like, you can purchase some crickets to give to the Bearded Dragon display.  This is quickly becoming one of the more popular "must do" items on every visit.

As mentioned earlier, we also welcome school, church and special needs groups.  If you call us at least a day ahead we will make every effort to have a staff member guide you through Atlantis.  Although we don't always have a guide available there is no charge for your group's field trip.  If you have a large group, you may want to split into two groups.  As you enter you will see some of the art work given to us by kids who have drawn pictures of their favorite animal.  We hope your little ones are in an artistic mood when they get home.  We are happy to accept a gift of art from any youngster who would like to share an impression of their visit.

As you will see in the Atlantis "history of the store" section, we have, over the years, been the home to some creatures not normally found in an inner city aquarium store.  Although we no longer have many of the animals (lions, tigers, monkeys, etc.), we do have an alligator, and giant tortises. We don't sell these animals, nor do we generally recommend them as pets.  These are animals which were looking for a home and have settled here with us.  Some of these animals are dangerous and have needs that can be very demanding.  We hope you enjoy seeing these beautiful creatures, and understand that we can only care for so many.  We do hope someday to be able to fulfill the dream of expanding our outdoor area to include a children's petting zoo and animal park.   If you or a friend would like to help us make this dream come true please contact Bill about sponsoring this potential endeavor. 

We have many friends whom we sincerely thank for helping us create this place of wonder.  Please jump in and help us keep it growing!