The tropical fish hobby has been growing in leaps and bounds since the mid 60's.  One group of tropical fish that has shown remarkable increase, is the genus of Cichlids.   Bill has been breeding cichlids since 1972.  When the shop was founded in December of 1975, there were only a handful of species on the market.  Bill was fortunate to have studied aquaculture and fish diseases at the University of Georgia in the late 70's under Dr. John Gratzek. During that summer, while he was at the University of Georgia, he was introduced to a number of Florida fish farmers and importers.  With these new contacts, he was able to create a large selection of cichlids, and the cichlid hobby became a major part of the store's focus.

With Bill's friends in the Indianpolis and Terre Haute areas, the store began producing a lot of its own inventory. The store back then was only 1200 square feet, so there were limits on what could be produced.  Atlantis, today continues to be  leader in promoting the cichlid hobby, and we encourage you to stop in to see the selection of African and South American cichlids in our current facility.